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Equity Academy Reimagined

Thank you for registering for the Equity Academy!

Overview: Equity Academy

The Equity Institute at Skyline College is thrilled to present our Equity Academy REIMAGINED into a remote learning modality! This means the Equity Institute at Skyline College can serve more people across the nation and support a greater number of professional industries in learning how to engage and advance equity. 

The training is designed to be completed asynchronously and modules are assigned weekly. Additionally, participants are required to engage in facilitated dialogues to ensure the level of social support and interaction that produce a rich learning environment.

Sample Course Module

Watch Short Videos

One to two short videos with overview of key concepts

Explore Short Readings

Short articles or websites to dive in deeper.

Apply and Reflect

Assignment to reflect in a journal or short video.

Share with Peers or Others

Asynchronous discussions with community.

Facilitated Dialogue with Peers

Zoom sessions for deeper connections

Review Personalized Feedback

Facilitator-provided commentary and coaching.

Upon the completion of Level-1, participants can enroll in training at Level-2: Developing an Equity-Mindset and Strategic Capacity as well as progress to training at Level-3: The Equity Practitioner.

Course Requirements

  Course Duration Course Content Facilitated Dialogues

Level 1

4 weeks 2-3 hours/week

1 hour/week

Wednesdays @ 9AM

Level 2

4 weeks 2-3 hours/week

1.5 hours/week

Tuesdays @ 11AM

Level 3


Digital Badges (Badgr)

Each respective level of completion earns participants a certificate of completion as well as a digital badge (Badgr), for social media venues such as LinkedIn, from the Equity Institute to signify the authenticity and merit of their equity training.

…and there’s more…

The Equity Institute recognizes those who may wish to engage in equity training in-person and/or in teams. In response to this recognition, we have designed an accommodation in our Equity Academy for Cohort Teams of up to 35-participants with their own designated facilitator to help usher them through the dynamic learning experience.

We look forward to your participation and continued support! For additional information, please reach out to Equity Institute Manager Allen Ocampo at