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The Equity Institute (EI) develops transformative experiences for organizations committed to becoming more culturally proficient and equity advancing. The EI facilitates professional development opportunities, publishes research, and administers institutional assessments focused on creating strategic institutional responses to issues around race, gender, and equity. The EI hosts the following experiences throughout the year for organizations all across the nation:

  • Equity Summit 
  • Executive Roundtable 
  • Equity Academies

Our Services

Equity Summit (Bi-Annual)

The Equity Summit is a one-day experience featuring 13 scholars and practitioners in social justice and equity. Six of the scholars deliver “Equity Talks” and six participate in plenary sessions while the last speaker delivers a keynote address. The event attracts over 500 educators and social justice advocates from across the nation.

The Executive Roundtable (Bi-Annual)

The Executive Roundtable will feature former and current community college presidents and vice-presidents offering trainings and coaching to newly minted presidents and VPs. This two-day experience is designed to prepare executive administrators for their leadership journey through an equity-minded lens.

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Equity Academies (4 Per Calendar Year)

The Equity Academies are professional development opportunities for leaders to immerse themselves into themed, multi-day experiences introducing participants to baseline concepts, interrogating data and mapping implementation strategy for participants to implore the equity-centered work at their respective institutions. Institutions will register as “teams” and work collaboratively throughout the academy to develop the best solution for their institution.

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