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The Equity Academies are professional development opportunities for leaders to immerse themselves into themed, multi-day experiences introducing participants to baseline concepts, interrogating data and mapping implementation strategy for participants to advance the equity-centered work at their respective institutions.

The academies are informed by anti-racist and anti-sexist pedagogies and practices rooted in social justice frameworks. Participants engage in facilitated activities and discussions anchored by a comprehensive peer-reviewed guidebook.

Academy Testimonials

Upcoming Equity Academies

October 7-8, 2020

Delivering Student-Ready STEM Education: Critical Competencies for Student Success

Delivering Student-Ready STEM Education an immersive professional development experience that engages Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics faculty in the process of examining our current practices and exploring innovative pedagogical approaches that can be applied to the needs and goals of colleges as they seek to provide pathways and increase success for disproportionately impacted students.

Summer 2021 

Cultivating Equity-Minded Student Services Professionals: Critical Competencies for Student Success 

Cultivating Equity Minded Student ​Services Professionals i​s​ an immersive professional development ​experience that​ engages participants​ in ​the process ​of examining​ current practices and developing ​pra​ctical tools and strategies t​o apply equity advancing frameworks and culturally responsive practices to better serve students and that can be applied in the college redesign process.