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Now, more than ever, people who have been placed on the margins and hyper-margins of systemic oppression are finding voice and agency. Higher education professionals from various fields and disciplines of study are challenging the status quo and stepping forward to make equity-advancing work a priority in institutional operations and deliver student instruction and support. However, many individuals, teams, and institutions grapple with beginning, advancing, or sustaining meaningful, equity-advancing change. Therefore, we have developed and are redesigning the Equity Institute. Our focus is to equip higher education practitioners with the mindset and tools for effectively advancing equity wherever they are within their institution's hierarchy.

Join the Equity Institute on December 3rd, 2021, from 9 am to 4 pm PST for its inaugural Equity Master Class: Equity in Praxis. In this equity Master Class offered via webinar, educational equity-practitioners will share their journeys and provide strategies for engaging in, implementing, and sustaining equity-advancing practices within community colleges. The sessions are designed for college administrators, instructors, classified professionals, educational corporate and community partners, and equity practitioners who want to disrupt and dismantle systemic inequities and injustice. 

In this Master Class, participants will:

  • Engage in innovative and practical peda/andra-gogical approaches that can be applied to instruction, student services, and institutionally
  • Interactive dialogical post-presentation sessions

Program highlights include:

  • Keynote speaker: César A. Cruz, Ed.D.
  • Three one-hour Master Classes presented by nationally recognized equity practitioners
  • Thought-provoking concepts centered on equity through key dimensions of institutional operation:  instruction, student support services, and business operations/administration

Session I: Moving in the Momentum of the Willing: Building Strategies for Integrating Equity into Academic Instruction

Session II: Galvanizing Equity in Student Support Services

Session III: Everyone on the Same Page: Developing an Institutional Equity and Civic Mindset

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